In an attempt to ensure that the Historical town of Marulan and the surrounding districts continues to grow the MBTA was formed. ( Marulan Business & Tourism Association Inc.) The focal point of the MBTA is business and tourism, but also just as importantly, the communities in the area.


MBTA believed that the growth and prosperity of Marulan and districts can be achieved by ensuring that community benefits are a top priority.


According to a recent (2006) Social Research survey, commissioned by the Goulburn Mulwaree Local Government Association. Goulburn Mulwaree residents and business were asked for their feedback on the importance of Tourism for the local area. 81% of those surveyed agreed and supported the importance of tourism in the region.


It can be clearly seen that the community does and will always play an important part in the future success for Marulan and districts business, tourism and their economic development.


As is common with all small communities, change takes time, it can not be forced. Therefore change is a co-operative project.


Marulan is a major state significant mining area, with large open cut mining operations east and west of Marulan town ship. These mining operation will play a big part in the economic future of Marulan. These large operations have shown very enthusiastic support for the prosperity of their surrounding area, and have clearly indicated their community support.


MBTA is a community organisation, operated by volunteers for the benefit of Marulan and districts business and tourism operations.


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