Marulan began its European existence in 1798 when it was visited by the Wilson, Price, Hacking and Collins expedition. Prior to this Marulan was reported to be the junction of four aboriginal territories. Marulan was said to be a meeting place of the people from the four communities. Marulan again pops up in history in 1818 with the Charles Throsby exploration of and discovery of the Goulburn plains and the now named Lake Bathurst. The township of Marulan was officially gazetted on 11th March 1835.


The main train line to Melbourne as we know it to day used to end at Marulan. Cobb and Co coaches then carried the mail service south and west. Marulan was for a time, the depot for the Cobb & Co coaches..


The present Marulan village rests on the site that was originally known as Mooroowoolen, a subdivision owned and founded by Mr John Morrice, ( Son of David Morrice a plantation owner in Jamaica in the 1820's) (John Morrice became a member of the NSW Legislative Assembly, and member for Camden, 1860-1872).

The then Governor, Gipps, gave free settlers John Morrice and his older brother William Morrice an arranged land grant of 1,000 acres at Sutton Forest, in 1841. Morrice named the property Eling Forest, after the village of Eling in Hampshire, England, where his uncle was a squire.
William Morrice built his house on the western half of the property, and called it Comfort Hill, named after the village of Comfort in Jamaica.
The acreage was conviently dissected by the Great South road, ( Now called the Hume Hwy) but the 1000 acres remained in one title, two names, for many years


Early Marulan was located 2.5 km further south of its present location. (Now called Old Marulan)


When the new main southern rail line was constructed, it passed north of the original town. The railway workers and their families established a settlement close to the new rail line. Eventually a town sub division called Mooroowoolen was created by a land owner.


Business was the first to move to Mooroowoolen, then the towns people of Old Marulan began moving. Eventually the original site was abandoned in favour of the Mooroowoolen site.

It is reported that around the time of the name change, another situation was looming. Mooroowoolen was about to be issued with its own (new) Postal Date Stamp. Mooroowoolen was renamed Marulan, and the PMG was able save money and continue to use the existing Old Marulan Postal Date Stamp?


For many years and until recently Marulan Village was surrounded by large farming areas. In recent times these farms have begun to be subdivided into smaller rural areas, and sold off to newcomers seeking a change in lifestyle. This sell off has resulted in many new small rural and associated businesses being established in the Bungonia, Brayton, Big Hill, Greenwich Park, Marulan, Tallong, Towrang, and surrounding districts.


In recent years there has been an amalgamation of local councils. Where Marulan used to have direct links to the Mulwaree Shire Council, that council was replaced by the Goulburn Mulwaree Shire council, located in Goulburn.



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